Advanced Bitcoin custody for organizations

Revault is...

Bitcoin Native

Built on the Bitcoin protocol, secured by its network, Revault is a Bitcoin native solution.

A complete, secure solution

From key generation to network communications, from wallet to replicated watchtowers, Revault is a complete solution and can be used standalone.


Revault can be self-hosted, giving the organization the full sovereignty over their custody and spending policies. For institutions not yet ready for an in-house deployment, Revault is also compatible with third party custodians.

Open-source and auditable

Revault is fully transparent and publicly auditable. Being an open-source project, the Revault protocol and software does not depend on any single company to be maintained and improved on, making it a viable long-term solution.

How does Revault work?

How Revault Works

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Revault Deployments


Keep your bitcoins safe without any spending protocol overhead if you don't need it.


Manage and coordinate how funds can move from your cold storage granularily and securely.

Full Featured

Enable complex policies on how funds can be used once moved from your cold storage.


Revault was built with modularity in mind from the ground up, get in touch to adapt the deployment to your business needs.

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