A superior custody solution for institutions holding bitcoin

No third party, free, open source and with a better user experience, Revault redefines security for institutions.

Revault offers mitigation against theft, mistakes, in-person threats, online and physical attacks from well funded and motivated attackers.

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Built for, and built on


Advantages compared to existing solutions

Higher Security / UX ratio

Enhanced security without sacrificing usability. Improved spending experience compared to traditional multi-signature. Includes physical threat resilience.


Easily adapts to your institution operational requirements and spending policies.

Open Source

Anyone can review, contribute, use, modify. Revault is designed to be used by most of the ecosystem as a new security standard.


No third party required, trustless third parties possible. Revault is finally opening the door to insurance policies for companies holding their own bitcoins.

Products and Services

offered by Wizardsardine, our commercial entity


In-house integration and deployment support if you need it

Custom Architecture

A tweaked Revault logic and wallet for your specific business needs

Support SLA

Guaranteed support response time for critical operations


A team of experts to help with security, custody, operations and your Bitcoin strategy


Hosted, managed secondary watchtowers as a failover for extra security

Infrastructure tools

Extra tools to help deploy and maintain your self-hosted Revault.