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Design Bitcoin Security Products

We built Revault (Bitcoin custody for organisations), Liana (Bitcoin wallet leveraging on-chain timelocks), and more to come.

Protocol and Architecture Reviews

We have many years of experience designing security protocols, we offer security advice and reviews for other projects.

Bitcoin Core and Open Source Contributions

We strongly believe in Open Source, especially for security. We contribute to Bitcoin Core and other projects, and we open source our security products too.

Code Audits

We work with multiple security-focused developers capable of reviewing code and find weaknesses before someone malintentionned can.

Responsible Disclosures

We are very good at breaking things. We often find vulnerabilities and report them following the best practices around responsible disclosures. We love bug bounties!

Operational Security Advice and Assessments

Mapping risks and threats, suggesting mitigations and giving our opinion on your operational security.

Wizardsardine is a Bitcoin security company. If you have a problem that needs solving and you feel we might be able to help, contact us!

things we build

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